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Sail on, wiser...


Treasure of the Sirens is an art collective created by futurist Rita J. King.

Designer Oliver Uberti, co-author of London: The Information Capital, and Where the Animals Go, collaborated on initial branding for Treasure of the Sirens. Google engineer Mike Tyka, one of the creators of Google's DeepDream, helped turn our vision and designs into 3D models. The studio also includes collaborative work with artists Katelan Foisy, Pin Wei Wong and Stacy Jenneman. As we bring more treasures from the deep sea to the land, the studio will keep expanding. 

The day we dropped off a shipment of silver and bronze amphorae to our first stockist, Catbird, Spanish workers found 1,300 pounds of silver and bronze ancient Roman coins stuffed into 19 amphorae.


If you are interested in stocking Treasure of the Sirens, contact us here.

The hollow treasures have a scroll inside with a message from the sirens, from Homer's The Odyssey, sung to Odysseus as he sailed past, tied to the mast to avoid getting lured by the siren song: Sail on, wiser...

"Sail on, wiser..." is a fragment of the last siren song, and the philosophy woven into everything we create. 


Sail on, wiser....

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